Statement Analysis®

Interviews and Articles

Eric Hunley - 2023
Is AI The Future of Statement Analysis?
Mark McClish & Mark Carson

Eric Hunley

Body To Burial - 2023
The Statement Analyst
Mariya and Niki

SaltCubeAnalytics - 2022
How to spot a liar with Mark McClish
Thomas S. Karat

Truth, Lies and Coverups - 2021
I Really Didn't Know with Mark McClish
Traci Brown

Killer Genes - 2021
D'Andre Lane Case - Part Five
Melissa McCarty and Kelly McLear

Riddle Me That! True Crime - 2021
The Darlie Routier Case

Websluths Podcast - 2021
The JonBenet Ramsey Case
Tricia Griffith

CrimeCon House Arrest - 2020
Chris Watts - Breaking Down the Lies

Eric Hunley - Live Stream - 2020
Statement Analysis with Mark McClish and Lena Sisco
Eric Hunley

Eric Hunley - Unstructured - 2020
Statement Analysis with Mark McClish
Eric Hunley

Crawlspace - True Crime & Mysteries - 2020
Get McClish - Listen on website
Get McClish - Listen on iTunes
Tim Pilleri & Lance Reenstierna

Mark McClish | Statement Analysis - Listen on website
Mark McClish | Statement Analysis - Listen on iTunes
Rebekah Sebastian

Afternoons with Bill Arnold - 2020
Deception Detection: How to spot a lie with Mark McClish
Bill Arnold

CrowdSolve Chicago - 2020
Mysterious Death of Kurt Sova
Sara Goldenberg

The Tom Barnard Show - 2019
Mark McClish & Brian Johnson
Tom Barnard

Madeleine McCann:
True Crime Podcast Investigation
- 2019
Red Flags
The Missing Calls
A Door Marked Closed
Mark Saunokonoko - Entire Series

Midnight in the Desert - 2019
Lies and Deception
Dave Schrader
Listen to the Podcast

The Kate Dalley Show - 2019
How To Spot A Liar
Kate Dalley

People Who Read People - 2018
Interview with Mark McClish - Podcast
Zachary Elwood

Breaking Homicide - 2018
Who Killed Faith? Mark's analysis
Who Killed Faith? Complete episode
Derrick Levasseur and Kris Mohandie

Veritas - 2017
Truth & Lies
Mel Fabregas

The Scott Helmer Show - 2017
How To Tell If Someone Is Lying
Scott Helmer

Coast To Coast AM - 2017
Deception & Lies
Connie Willis - 2017
Madeleine McCann Case - part one
Madeleine McCann Case - part two
Mark Saunokonoko

Tier Talk - 2016
Statement Analysis
Anthony Gangi

Crime Time - 2014
Lie and Liars with Mark McClish
Steve Albrecht

The Patrick Henry Society - 2014
One Fact That Will Help You Spot Deception
in News Reports Right Now

Kit Lange

International Association of Interviewers - 2014
The Unique Word "Just"
4 minute video presentation

Break Thru Radio - 2014
I Cannot Tell a Lie - Deception Week
Jess Goulart

Urban Male Magazine - 2012
Lie Detector
Charlie Teljeur

The Edge Radio Program - 2012
Detecting Deception in Oral and Written Statements
Host Tom Smith

All About Body Language - 2012
Interview with Mark McClish
By Craig Baxter

Criminal Conduct - 2012
Catching Liars with Statement Analysis
Joe McKinney

You and the Law - 2011
Investigators With a Hidden Agenda
By Dennis Beaver

Appearance on ABC's 20/20 - 2010
Cold Case: What Happened to Oregon Teen?
Correspondent Jim Avila

BlogTalkRadio - 2010
Host Peter Hyatt

Kentucky Law Enforcement - 2010
Book Review of "I Know You Are Lying"
By Drexel Neal

The Interrogation Station - 2009
Host Wesley Clark

The Washington Post - 2006
JonBenet Ramsey Case
By Chase Squires