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JonBenet Ramsey Murder - A Summary of What We Have Learned

The 911 Call

- Patsy Ramsey began the 911 call by saying, "We have a kidnapping" as opposed to saying, "My daughter has been kidnapped."
- She had two changes in language that appear to be unjustified - "gone" to "missing" and "note" to "ransom note."
- She referred to herself as "the mother" and not "her mother."
- Unless it was at the beginning in the inaudible portion of her 911 call, Patsy's plea for help comes towards the end her call;
  "Please send somebody."
- Patsy hung up the phone after reporting her daughter was missing.

There are too many unusual things about this 911 call which would lead us to believe that something is amiss.

The Ransom Note

- We know this was not a group effort because of the changing pronouns. The writer usually used plural pronouns but slipped and used
  the singular pronoun "I" and "my."
- The writer misspelled two words in the first paragraph but correctly spelled all the other words. This indicates the author is probably
  educated but was trying to sound uneducated.
- The writer requested a low and odd amount of money.
- The writer was about to say that they would deliver JonBenet but then crossed out the word "delivery."
- The writer used the phrase "she dies" as opposed to "she will die." This is an indication JonBenet was already dead when the ransom
  note was written.
- At the end of the ransom note, the writer referred to John Ramsey as "John." This indicates the writer felt comfortable call him John.
  The writer knows John Ramsey.
- The ransom note was 2.5 pages long. The FBI has stated they have never seen a ransom that long.
- The ransom note was written in the Ramsey house with their pen and their notebook.

It is very clear this ransom note was not written with the intent of extorting money from John Ramsey. It is not a legitimate ransom note. No one attempted to kidnap JonBenet. The ransom note was most likely written after she had died. All indications are it was written as a ruse to throw investigators off.

John and Patsy Ramsey's Interviews

- In their first interview, they were more interested in thanking people and finding out "why this happened" as opposed to finding out
  who killed JonBenet.
- They both said that for their entire life they will be looking for the person who murdered their daughter. So far, that has held true.
- After someone broke into their house and murdered JonBenet, John Ramsey said they still believed they lived in a safe community.
- Patsy Ramsey said she thought the ransom note was written as a "Ruse to throw us off." This contradicts what they said in their book
  The Death of Innocence. In their book, they said this was a kidnapping that turned into a murder.

The Ramsey's language indicates they know who killed JonBenet. That's why they can say they live in a safe community. That's why they both stated they will be looking for the killer for their entire life. They know this was not a kidnapping that turned into a murder. That is why Patsy Ramsey said she thought the ransom note was written as a ruse.

John Mark Karr

- He's a nut.

Burke Ramsey's Interviews

- Burke could not tell us with certainty when he last saw JonBenet alive. He said, "I want to say it was in the car."
- He did not give a very good explanation as to why he stayed in bed while his mother was frantically searching for JonBenet.
- He never specifically stated that the handwriting in the ransom did not look like his mother's handwriting.
- He denied being present during the 911 call.
- He gave a stronger denial when asked if he purposely hit JonBenet with a golf club as opposed to when he was asked if he hit her over
  the head with a baseball bat or flashlight.
- He gave a good denial when asked if he harmed or murdered JonBenet. The problem is he was alerted that this was going to be an
  important question.
- Burke's statement that he felt bad about possibly leaving the front door open appears to be truthful.

We do have problems with some of Burke's answers. There were times when he changed how he answered a question. There may be a justification for the change and we do not know what it is. There were times when Dr. Phil prepped him for the question. He did show signs of being truthful. He gave some direct denials and he said he felt bad about possibly leaving the front door open.

As to his truthfulness, this one is a toss-up. I would lean in the direction he was being truthful. However, there are several follow-up questions I would want to ask him which would help us in determining if he was telling us the whole truth.

The Sun has reported that Burke Ramsey, most likely through his lawyer, has offered to take a lie detector test to prove his innocence. A lot of people who say they are willing to take a polygraph never do. We will wait and see if he does take a polygraph test.

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