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Jessie Arbogast's Shark Attack

On July 6, 2001, 8-year-old Jessie Arbogast was vacationing with his family on a Florida beach. While playing in knee deep water, Jessie was bitten by a 7-foot, 200 pound bull shark. The shark bit off his right arm and one third of his thigh. Jessie's uncle carried him to shore where beach goers immediately applied first aid to the boy. His uncle then wrestled the shark to the beach where a Park Ranger shot it. They were able to retrieve Jessie's arm from the shark's mouth. Jessie was rushed to the hospital where doctors were able to reattach his arm. As of January 2002, Jessie is making a slow but steady recovery.

Shortly after this shark attack, an email was being forwarded around the internet which claimed to know the truth behind this shark attack. The writer stated that on the day Jessie was attacked, the boy's uncle was fishing for sharks! The uncle reeled in the shark and when the kids went into the water to see the shark Jessie was bitten. The story sounds believable since sharks usually do not appear in knee deep water. Read the story found in the email and see what you think.

The Truth About The Shark Attack

"To all my buddies and friends who have called me about the truth on the shark attack here on Pensacola Beach, the truth is coming out. There is a reason that the "hero" of the attack who wrestled that 7 foot shark to shore is not giving any interviews, and is hard to find. There is a reason that this 7 foot shark was in 2 feet of water, and there is a reason that the family is 'acting funny' about taking money from those that want to it is.....hard truth.....Sit down......

THE UNCLE WHO WRESTLED THE SHARK ASHORE WAS FISHING FOR SHARKS, HAD IT ON A LINE AND HAD BEEN FIGHTING IT FOR TWO HOURS PLUS. The unidentified stranger who helped him also helped him fight the fish to shore. When the shark got into two feet of water, the kids all ran into the water in jubilation and the shark lunged from off the ground and hit Jessie Arbogast twice, took his arm off and bit into his leg.

The man had CHUM in the water, and heavy tackle built to fish for sharks. His nephew got bit because the entire family went into the water trying to wrestle the fish to land. There is big money in a shark that size.

The press has suppressed the real truth, because they are afraid that it will affect the contributions for Jessie and the uncle is so filled with guilt, he has tried to commit suicide once already.....Now it all makes sense. No man is going to wrestle a shark that large to shore in two feet of water, that is one powerful animal, and they had cut the cable, and hid the rods by the time the Medics got there. The ranger who shot the shark testified that the shark still had the hook in his mouth and "put up a big fight because his mouth was all bloody and torn up....(that's why the shark had blood all over it's mouth in the TV photo's, it was it's own blood!!)

I am not lessening the horror of the event. Jessie did get an arm bit off and is going to recover, but I am tired of Pensacola Beach taking it in the shorts because of the 'whole truth not being told'....The money, in my opinion would still come in, and the uncle will have to accept that it was a tragic accident and a mistake."

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